A console is a device that accepts input and output.

Some consoles are designed to handle only one type of input, such as “text” or “keyboard”. They can be used by many different users at the same time using multiple physical buttons, either standard keyboards or special trackballs.
Keyboards are commonly divided into two broad categories: mechanical keyboards and touch-sensitive/pixellated ones. Mechanical keyboards are widely used by computer users because they offer tactile feedback when typing which allows for faster keystroke speed increases without the need to make physical changes to the keyboard design. Touch-sensitive devices convert their input into internal signals which can be processed and displayed by software so that.All of these are just some examples of unique ways that AI writers can be used in the workplace. It is not so much about the technology behind, but rather how it is being utilized.
A console is a device that accepts input and output. A keyboard is a device that accepts input and outputs text. A mouse is a device that receives input and outputs movement, such as clicks or scrolls on screen.
A console allows for some basic tasks like entering text, sending email, sending web forms etc. A keyboard does the same thing but can also be used to type some characters as well as make hand gestures through the use of some pointing devices like trackballs etc. Some simple examples of consoles are:
A mouse allows for more complex tasks such as clicking on links/links to items in websites/blogs/pages etc., scroll between pages, zoom into images with various tools available..