This article will introduce to the world of farm animals.

As a world population is increasing, farmers are having to spend more and more time on farm. The productivity level of one acre of land can be compared with the productivity levels in other countries.Farmers are facing difficulties in the productivity level. They have to spend an excessive amount of time feeding animals, watering them, cleaning them and maintaining them. It can lead to loss in efficiency and might also lead to sickness or even death of the animals. A farmer would be better off if one machine could come up with all these tasks for him at once. This is where machine learning comes into play – by doing all these tasks automatically it will create efficiencies in farming operations without human involvement which will help farmers lower their workloads and reduce their costs.The machine learning approach is commonplace in AI applications.This article will introduce to the world of farm animals. It will cover their characteristics, behavior, health problems and how farming them helps us in many ways.